MuseScore backups

• Mar 16, 2021 - 02:37

I see the opening '.*/mscz,' file in the .mscbakup folder in my working folder. But I do not see any of the every 2 minutes backups.

My backup related settings in Edit->Preferences->Advanced dialog are set to:
application/backup/generateBackup Checked
application/backup/subfolder .mscbackup

What I am missing? Is there another setting I need to check?

This came up because my computer lost power and when it came back up I had a zero byte file for a score, and in .mscbackup was a copy that was several hours of work out of date.



The autosave made every two minutes goes into a special folder out of the way where it won't cause problems but is there when you need it. After the power outage, when you restarted MuseScore it should have asked you if you wanted to restore your previous session. Did you not answer yes? If you did, it would have shown loaded the autosave version for you. See for more info, including the location of the folder for various different operating systems.

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Autosave is different from backup; disabling autosave only helps ensure you lose work in a crash. There is no advantage at all to disabling it.

The backup files you are seeing are totally different, but actually you shouldn't be seeing them at all. They are marked hidden by default, and in all versions of MuseScore released in the last year or two, they are put in separate folder. So, be sure you are current (3.6.2), and also, if you're not comfortable seeing files you didn't create yourself, you should probably turn the display of hidden files back off in your OS (it off by default in all OS's I know of, so I assume you turned it on at some point).

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