Zoom+Musescore+Focusrite Solo sound problem

• Mar 18, 2021 - 23:11

Windows 10. In Zoom session. Sharing Musescore screen and "Share sound" box checked.
Participants can see score, can hear (singing on) Focusrite Microphone but CAN NOT hear sound from Musescore!!
Tried various:
Edit->Preferences->I/O: PortAudio API and Device Options without success after Restart of Audio Engine!!
Latest Musescore ( and Focusrite Solo driver ( versions.


I am able to make this work.
Windows 10, same version of MS, Focusrite Solo 3rd gen, mic plugged into the inst. channel, headphones plugged into the monitor just to check Focusrite is working. MuseScore API set to ASIO. This automaticaly selects the Focusrite as the sound device.
In Zoom, Share Sound and select Focusrite mic ( as you seem to have done). Share MS screen.
I joined the zoom meeting from another computer in another room. I could see the score, hear the mic, and hear the score play.
The Focusrite probably needs to be plugged into your computer before you start MuseScore.
The question is, what did I do different from you.

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