Help with note size problem

• Mar 27, 2021 - 11:03

I have a problem transcribing some examples from a 16th century treatise.

I didn't want barlines (like in the original treatise) so I have been creating custom time signatures for each measure, e.g. 50/2. Mostly that works (but if I could start over I would just hide the barlines -- I couldn't figure out how to convert back to 4/2 without recopying everything).

My problem is that two examples have a glitch:
- #24 (at the end of the line, the notes don't fit so the end of bar is detached)
- #34 (same problem at end of line on the second staff pair)

Any thoughts on how to quickly fix this problem (maybe by shrinking certain notes)?

EDIT: One solution might be to break the measures that are too long into two measures, but I am hoping to avoid that if possible.



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