Is midi input ok in the 2.0 Beta 1?

• Sep 2, 2014 - 16:05

I tried to type some notes via my MIDI keyboard. No way. Looks like 2.0 Beta 1 does not recognize any MIDI input. I immediately tested with MS 1.0 just to see if my system settings were wrong, and found out that MS 1.3 works fine (so my keyboard is sending MIDI as espected and my PC is receiving it properly). Could you please check if the problem is just mine or if it is a general one? Did someone else incur in the same problem?


It is not required, as my PC is always connected to its Audio/MIDI card, and the MIDI cable is always plugged in. The only device that was not "on" when I launched MS is the keyboard itself. Do you think I should switch it "on" in advance and THEN launch MS? It would be a very weird behaviour, but who knows? I'll give this procedure a try, just in case.

Yes, Aldo.

Runnig Win7, I've the same problem. keyboard (Keystation49) midi input works in MS1.3, BUT not MS 2.0 Beta !. Reluctant to try that suggested 64 bit build workaround. Reminds me too much of Linux monkey business that could take days.

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