Analysis. Numbers with "/" RNA and Figured Bass

• Apr 1, 2021 - 17:25

Hello. I'd like to be able to write diminished 5ths and 7ths with a slash to mark things like diminished 7ths and inversions of the dominant 7th. Until now I've been able to do it using "system text" and unselecting the automatic placement option, but it's pretty janky, and I think it would be great addition for certain types of analysis.
It could go either in figured bass or RNA.
Thank you for taking the time to read the post ^^


Hi! I'm not familiar with that particular notation, is there a particular author / publisher you are referencing? Are you expecting that style to be familiar to your readers? If you have references that give the basic rules for this particular system, we can certainly consider extending the Campania font to support it. But FWIW, I'd personally recommend sticking to a more standard style.

To me, this looks like a hybrid of RNA and figured bass, so one possibility would be to actually enter it as such - the V as RNVA, the 65/ as figured bass (not understanding the function of the + in this particular notation, so not sure how to treat that). The RNA and figured bass could pretty easily be made to sit side-by-side with less "jankiness" than trying to position the slash by itself. Another compromise might be to enter the / as another RNA, which is marginally less awkward than using system text.

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