Ratings on Musescore.com

• Apr 8, 2021 - 12:40

Hi guys. I’ll cut right to the chase: I think the rating system has some problems. First off, I really like the idea of a rating system to allow for a better viewing of scores, and I think it has good parts to it. However, my problem is that people can just put one star because they feel like it, and not because they actually care. I know this really isn’t something Musescore can fix, but what I think might be helpful is to prompt the user when they rate a score and ask them why they gave it that rating, e.g: (5 or 4 stars) “Why did you like this score?” ‘Because I thought it flowed well.’ or (1 or 2 stars) “How would you improve this score?” ‘By fixing the the left hand of the piano so it is playable.’ Therefore, users can give a backing to their reasoning, and composers can get some feedback on their scores and how they might improve them. And yes, I know comments is there, but I believe it would be beneficial to integrate at least some part of it into the rating system.
Good day to you all.


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