Saving a score on mac

• Apr 9, 2021 - 12:36

I saved a file on my desktop, and every time that I move the file for example, from the desktop to the document folder after I made changes to the score and select save it shows a warning sigh that tells me I can't save the file. So basically if I don't move the file from the folder it works. Why does this happen?


Which version of MacOS are you using? Where did the file come from - is it yours, or a download?

The MusesScore program "wants" to save files in a folder called Scores - though I often work on the desktop and save files somewhere else. If you are using Catalina or perhaps Big Sur - which I've not tried yet - it can get very picky about which applications are allowed to store files in which locations, which can be a real nuisance, but I suppose it's some soft of supposedly helpful privacy/protection feature.

If you are using earlier MacOS versions there might be other reasons - but I suspect you are using a recent MacOS version.

My guess is that earlier versions wouldn't cause this behaviour.

Also, are you using Apple's cloud - which personally I try to avoid like the plague? There might be an issue there.

Yet another possibility is that if you are a member, the program might be trying to save to the cloud space on that site.

The issue is likely to be to do with permissions and privacy.

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So that's Big Sur I think. Have you tried looking at the file settings and permissions etc. yet?
My fairly strong suspicion is that it's an OS protection issue. Apple started trying to stop users putting files in "arbitrary" locations one or two OS versions back. That also might prevent you from trying to save or access files on different volumes unless you override the constraints.

I believe it can be done with a bit of experimentation, and some more knowledgeable users can use the command line interface/Terminal to alter this imposed behaviour.

I have had warnings about saving files - for example on different volumes - or in different parts of my own file system - in Catalina. I usually try to get round this by saving a copy of the original file with a slightly different name. If that causes a problem I try to find the file again by using Search within the finder. In my system I use a desktop file manager which helps for some aspects of my work, but may lead to file copies in places which the OS doesn't quite expect. I also have issues if I move files from other machines - some of which are still using now much older versions of MacOS - including Snow Leopard.

Let us know how you get on, and good luck with this.

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