Formatting note duration marks on Tablature

• Apr 9, 2021 - 21:48

I'm trying to work out how to change the default formatting on the note duration marks underneath TAB. Image attached with the marks circled.

I have searched the documentation in vain. I cannot even find a reference to these marks, so it's difficult to search for information on them. When I select one in the inspector it seems to just be a line as opposed to a named element.

These marks take up a lot of room on the page, so it would be helpful to reduce the height of all of them by setting a style for them, but I cannot find any likely candidates in the styles dialog.

Grateful for any advice on what these marks are called in MuseScore, and how to set default format for them.
Many thanks

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I'm not sure what they are called... But you can change the height by selecting one of them (the mark only, not the tab number), then R-click and select / all similar elements, then in Inspector - Stem - Length change. Unfortunately it seems you can't set this as a style. Maybe it is something that could be added to the Advanced Stave Properties dialogue?

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Many thanks Brer Fox. That's a great tip - select all similar elements - I had been looking for something like that but did not see it on the top nav menu. I will have another go. I do agree on the properties dialog. It could be valuable to bring all the tablature-related properties together (even if it duplicates other properties) to simplify the experience for the beginner (like me) who is using tablature.

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I'm sharing my experience here in case others find it in the future.

I am working on a score that includes a regular staff and a linked tablature underneath. Brer Fox's advice would have worked well if I were only using a single staff, but "select all similar elements" also selects the note stems in the staff and I inadvertently shortened those. After "undo" I used "select all similar elements in same staff" and then modified the stem length as described.

That left one challenge - when I reduced the stem lengths the beams on consecutive eight notes became separated from their stems. I tried editing the offsets of the beams but was unable to reattach them. At that point I gave up and removed the note durations from the tablature as I tend to read the note durations from the staff above.

These are stems, and they are kind of a standard length so there isn't a style setting control that - but you can certainly control whether they display at all, or whether they are drawn below the staff or through it. See the Handbook section on tablature for tons of detail, but the short answer is, you can change between Comm, Simple, and Full predefined styles in Edit / Instruments, or customize any of the specific settings that go into this in Staff/Part Properties, Advanced Style Properties.

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Many thanks Marc, I will see how I get along with turning the stems off - I tend to look at the notes on the staff above the tab for note duration. I will also explore these features in the menu sections that you have described. I guess I could not find them in the documentation because I did not know what they are called :-)

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