Changes sounds mid score

• Apr 10, 2021 - 17:17

Hello!! I have recently been trying to make marching band shows and usually throughout the show I will require an instrument to change mid-score (for example: Synth piano to synth choir then back to piano, Trumpet to flugel then back to trumpet, and many more) I have soundfonts for most if not all of the instruments that I tend to change mid-score and I would like to be able to change the soundfonts along with the instruments. Say i have a trumpet that I have a separate (non-musescore) soundfont for, I have that trumpet with the soundfont i want at the start of the show, then at some point throughout the show, the trumpet chnges to a flugel for a flugelhorn solo and I have a specific (also non-musescore) soundfont that I want for the flugelhorn. from what I can tell, there is no way to change the soundfont when you change the instruments. would this feature be a possibility some time in the future? (or is it already a feature that I am missing)

(I apologies for the massive, bloated post, Im just trying to get my thoughts across as clear as possible)

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Yes, kind of. so say I have a flute with a soundfont I downloaded off of sonatina, then I want to switch the flute for a clarinet mid-piece and I have another soundfont I downloaded for clarinet from a different sound pack. after I do the "change instrument" command, I would also like to change the soundfont. because when I do the change instrument it defaults to the packaged musescore clarinet soundfont, and I want the soundfont
I downloaded from the pack, not the musescore default

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