Set Voice # in Piano Roll Editor removes note instead of changing voice

• Apr 10, 2021 - 19:25

When right clicking on a note in the piano roll editor and clicking "Set Voice #" to a voice not yet present in that measure, the note is removed instead of changing its voice. Changing the voice in the main window works as expected. Probably some initialization of the voice is missing when called from the piano roll.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open the piano roll editor in a score containing notes
  • Right click on a note in the piano roll editor and click "Set Voice #", where # is a voice number not yet used in that measure

Versions tested:

3.6.2 (revision: 3224f34)
latest 3x nightly (revision: 7d1c732)

System information:

OS: Arch Linux
Arch: x86_64
64-bit MuseScore build


Once the greatest exponent of the PRE, I don't think I have used it maybe three times since the advent of the Articulation and Triller plugins. I think its presence needs to be re-thought.

In reply to by BSG

See the announcement here regarding current MuseScore 4 status. Looks like basic playback settings that formerly required the PRE but are much more easily handled by your plugins are moving to the Inspector (which most would agree they belonged all along but weren't for various technical reasons). And then the PRE itself will be replaced further down the road.

In reply to by Marc Sabatella

Onset is a city in Massachusetts. Velocity ain't worth a bucket of warm SND these days, but .... I hope there will still be enough compatibility that the triller plugin can still generate ornaments. One of (a) new inspector controls (b) QML API to allow articulation plugin to work (c) PRE had better be there from day one.

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