changes in the instrument window clobbers my measure number special formatting

• Apr 11, 2021 - 04:01

I am trying to use selected measure numbers as rehearsal marks.

In my example, I right-clicked on measure 5, selected “Measure Properties . . .”, and changed the “measure number mode” from “Auto” to “Always Show”.

Then I clicked on the “5” measure number, and got the inspector, where I increased the measure number’s point size to 15.00, turned off italics, turned on bold, and changed frame from “Nothing” to “Rectangle.”

So far, so good. That gave me exactly what I want. Say, if I insert a measure before 5, then the “5” in the rectangle will automatically change to a “6” in the rectangle. Fine.

But, then if I use the instrument window and uncheck the first instrument to hide that staff, MuseScore clobbers my special measure number formattings.

And then if I use the instrument window to re-check the first instrument to display the staff again, my special measure number formattings remain clobbered.

I don’t like this clobbering. Is this a bug?

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Have you tried to "set as style" the formatting you did by pressing the "S" button next to those settings in the inspector?

My guess is that measure numbers are "generated" on the fly, meaning that when re-showing your instruments you're actually getting a new, freshly generated measure number instead of your old formatted one.

Exactly - the measure number you put in a frame was one attached to one measure of one staff, but the new one is a different staff, and also a different measure.

This is one reason I suggested using actually rehearsal marks as the better way to accomplish what you are describing.

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Hmm. I have a score with two instruments, both visible. Using “Format  Style  Measure Numbers”, I click the “Interval” button, and dial down the interval number to “1”. Then my score displays with every measure number visible (except the first). Then I click-shift-drag a rectangle around all the measure numbers in a particular system, and let go. This selects all the measure numbers in that particular system (they turn blue). Then in the inspector for measure numbers, I change the “Frame” from “None” to “Circle”. Then my score displays with circles around every measure number in a particular system, and measure numbers without circles everywhere else. Fine; that is what I want. Later, using “Edit  Instruments…” I uncheck the visible for the first instrument. Then my score displays with just the second instrument. But, no circles around any measure numbers. Crap. I go back to “Edit  Instruments …” and re-check the visible for the first instrument. Then my score displays with both instruments again. But, no circles around any measure numbers. Crap. Explain to me the rationale why the circles get lost.

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Exactly as I said above. You added rectangles to measure numbers on the top staff of your score. No other measure numbers were affected - only those on the top staff, because only the top staff had measure numbers to select. You then made that staff invisible. Gone, then, is that staff, and with it, so are the measure numbers that were attached to that staff. In their place are brand new measure numbers that are generated to place on the second staff (which is of course now on top). That staff didn't have measure numbers before, so you never thought to add frames to them, and thus, they don't have any special formatting - just whatever your style defaults say.

As I said, using rehearsal marks is much simpler and more direct, but if you wish to do things the slower way, you can still get the desired result using measure numbers. You just need to add the frames to measure numbers on the actual staff you will be seeing. So wait until after hiding staves to do any of this. Or, set the measure numbers to appear on all staves, in Format / Style / Measure Numbers.

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Thanks! I had not known about the check box, "All staves", on the "Measure Numbers" page. It seems to give me what I want. Look at the example I'm attaching. Some measure numbers have circles in the top staff. I un-check the "visible" box in the first instrument, display the score, then re-check the "Visible" box in the first instrument, and, my circles in the top instrument measure number are restored.

Thanks for your patience with my being picky-picky.

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