How to remove automatically inserted rest to insert notes?

• Apr 12, 2021 - 02:34

I made some mistakes so I deleted a note in the middle. A quaver rest is automatically added. I need to insert a quaver between the third and fourth notes, but I cannot, probably because the quaver rest is filling the bar (if it is the correct term). I think I need to remove the rest to insert a note, but how? I cannot delete it, and I cannot it to the fourth position so that I could replace it with a quaver note.

Other than deleting everything after the third note and do it all over, is there a way to just insert a note after the third note and remove the automatically-inserted rest?

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The reason you can't insert a note is that it would result in the measure having too many beats. I don't know what you entered originally or what you meant to enter instead, but if you are saying you wish some unspecified number of notes to be moved to the right, simply move them directly, with cut and paste - no need to waste time inserting and deleting things in hopes of tricking MuseScore into moving them.

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