Musescore Refuses to Open

• Apr 14, 2021 - 15:44

I installed Musescore and it rain for a few days on Windows 10. Suddenly now, when I launch the app:

1) Musescore screen and loading screen opens
2) Doesn't load and then turns into do not respond
3) Does nothing else.

I'll then close the app by forcing it through task manager. I'll try and relaunch and it will ask me to restore session. Whether I click yes or no, same result happens.

I've tried removing, and installing, removing the registry entry, resetting to factory settings and nothing works.


Some network printer setup on your computer (and as the default printer) and currently not reachable?

What's the last thing listed on MuseScore's splash screen?

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No network printers installed. I have Office 365 installed so Send to OneNote is a feature. It was installed prior to Musescore and was then working. I also have Adobe Acrobat Pro XI installed. I recall seeing a prompt not a day ago asking me to configure Acrobat as a printer. I clicked okay. Musescore ran once then refused to run again. I've remove Acrobat and attempted to run. Same issue. Here's what my loading screen looks like.

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