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• Apr 17, 2021 - 12:14

I've saved a file in both Musescore 3 and 2 (which shows within these programs) but it won't show up in Windows Explorer in order to attach it to an email. ?? Thank you. Sandy


NEVER MIND - I didn't realize with 3 there are now two sets of lists of mscz so those files appear in the second list further down the page. (I don't know why)

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Neither MsueScore 3 nor 2 does anything special to organize your files - it simply places them in whatever folder you choose. By default, MuseScore offers a folder called MsueScore2 or MuseScore3 as appropriate, but you are always free to save to any folder you want, just as is the case with any version of any computer program. MuseScore doesn'tt otherwise manage "two sets of lists" - it just shows you the files on your drive in the folders you saved them to in the order you choose to display them in using the controls provide by your OS (eg, sorted by name vs date).

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MuseScore saves by default in MSCZ format. But if at some point you specifically chose - using the dropdown in the Save As dialog - to save in MSCX format instead, then indeed, now you have two files. Agaun, no special MuseScore magic here. These are just plain ordinary files on your drive. If you create only one file, you will see only one file. If you create two different files with two different names, you will see two different files with two different names. MuseScore and your computer are simply doing what you ask them to.

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