PED seems to have no effect. What to check?

• Apr 19, 2021 - 03:25

To me, it sounds the same whether there is a PED or not. I downloaded a PED sample file that someone had uploaded, and it had no difference either. I have set the instrument to the default one, disabled the effect, and set the reverb value to 0 in the mixer settings, but still no change. What did I do incorrectly? If there is subtle difference and I could not catch it, how I can make the PED effect longer? In seems that PED has no adjustable sound properties in the inspector.


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  1. I can clearly hear a difference in the playback of the OGG file, although the pedal effect is a quite restrained.
  2. In general, it's much more helpful if you attach your sample score (MSCZ file) rather than a picture (PNG file): a score allows readers here to examine what you have done, but a picture conveys no information.

[EDIT] Thanks for adding the MSCZ file.
Check the amended score attached, and hear how the pedal holds across the empty measure at the end (but doesn't on the previous system, where the pedal-up occurs before the empty measure).

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pedlines - amended.mscz 10.85 KB

The difference is there, clear ebnough if you listen closely. Try changing the quarters to sixteenths and you'll the difference more clearly. The piano in the default soundfont has a pretty sharp decay after the initial attack, so there isn't a lot of sound left to sustain after the quarter note, and it's drowned out a bit by the next quarter. But it's quite obvious with faster notes or if you follow a note with a rest as mentioned.

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