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• Apr 19, 2021 - 06:08

I have noticed that all scores that I uploaded in 2021 now have some 3.6 style, even though when I uploaded them I was using 3.5. Which means, the accidentals now look like they would in 3.6. Would you please revert the accidentals back.
3.5 accidentals: Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 13.06.21.png
3.6 accidentals: Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 13.05.39.png


Sample score?
Anyway this seems to be about, so you'd need to bring this up there

OTH since mid January the backend on would have been changed to 3.6.0, and with that Emmentaler's accidentals had been changed to those of Parnassus. There is only one 3.x backend, so which version the score got created and uploade with is irrelevant, it'd be rendered by the then up-to-date backend.

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Ask the author, like in the thread I linked to above. Apparently he didn't like the Emmentaler accidentals and liked those from Parnassus better.
De gustibus non est disputandum...
To me ist is a pretty minor difference which I don't care about at all. Also because I'm (gradually, one-by-one) changing all my scores to use Leland, the new default,

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There is a way that I think is most perfect. "Old Emmentaler" should be kept as a separate font and it should inherit all previous 3.5 features. "New Emmentaler" should be as it is now. BTW, I find that the "d" symbol in something like "d=80" has been severely enlarged in the new Emmentaler.

(I commented this on the other thread also)

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When I download one of your's, change to Emmentaler, upload to my account, download from there they do stay at Emmentaler

There's no indication on any of these 4 scores that they have ever been created in 3.5 or lower (and later 'imported' into 3.6.).


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Any 3.5 that was uploaded in 2021 looks like new Emmentaler to me, but Leland to you. If I could view your reuploaded scores, I would probably see them as in Leland. Since "spooky scary skeletons" was uploaded in 2020, it still looks like old Emmentaler.

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MuyseScore 3.6 changed the defaults from Emmentaler and Free Serif to Leland and Edwin, for any new score. On opening pre-3.6 scores you get asked whether to keep the old ones or switch to the new ones.
MuseScore 3.6 also changed the accidentals of Emmentaler, without any choice to keep the old ones.

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