Engraving overhauls after MuseScore 4's release

• Apr 19, 2021 - 19:09

From the look of things, it seems further major improvements to the engraving algorithms are unlikely to be ready for the MuseScore 4-release. I'm talking about things like horizontal spacing, beaming, slur/tie-placement, etc.

But what about after the 4.0-release? On the one hand, introducing engraving-changes will likely mess up carefully tweaked existing MS4-scores. Would this mean any engraving overhauls will have to wait until, say, MuseScore 5?

On the other hand, 3.6 allowed the user a choice between the old and new look. And in particular, the user can switch between the "old" and new vertical justification in style-settings. Could engraving overhauls be added in a similar way to MS4, thereby avoiding messing up existing scores?

I know this is all very broadly speaking, but I'm trying to see what I can realistically get my hopes up for.


I can't answer any of this, but I understand and share your concerns. I suspect there will need to be some sort of compatibility layer added much like at 3.6 where old scores keep old settings, new scores get new settings, etc, but without breaking the ability for 4.0 to open 4.1 scores. And hopefully we learn from the issues we had with this at 3.6 and do a better job of it next time!

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