adding a soundfont

• Apr 21, 2021 - 05:30

HELP! I built my first computer, from scratch , in 1976. I play 8 instruments. But I have no idea how I am supposed to add a sfz/soundfont. Read your info 5 times, and after 3 hours of frustration, need help.
I downloaded "virtual orchestra 3 " from your list. I downloaded the wave files .I downloaded the script files. I put them in the doc/musescore/soundfont folder. You say right click on the file.Downloads have a LOT of files, nothing specific to click on.


I assume this is in SFZ format, then? In which case, it's the actual SFZ file(s) you need to install. If there are many of them, you may find it simpler to just install them directly from within MuseScore - View / Synthesizer / Zerberus, click Add, select your soundfonts from the list.

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