Playback skips an entire section.

• Apr 21, 2021 - 21:17

Odd + gray (+)sign above measure and cannot remove 8th rest which does not belong and is an error. Also during playback the playback skips an entire section. I cannot find any notation or sign or anything that might cause that.
See below.

Thank you in advance, Clif Willard

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It is Impossible to tell what is going on from a picture. But based on my guess:

The odd gray + sign (which doesn't show up in your picture) is an indication that the measure length is greater than indicated by the time signature. In your case it is indicating that there is an extra 1/8th rest. You can delete that and the time it represents by selecting it and pressing CTRL+Delete, but that will also delete any notes in other staves at that time position, so it may be not what you really want to do.

Your picture doesn't show any sections to skip or not skip, so it is not possible to even guess what would cause the skip.

So, to get some better help, please attach the score - the .mscz file.

As mentioned, the "+" indicates that at some point you chose to add beats to the measure - like if you used the special insert mode that was designed specifically for that purpose. or if you imported a MusicXML file that called for the extra beat. Ctrl+Delete will remove it again.

Beyond that, as mentioned, we need an actual score in order to assist much further.

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