Shortcut Buttons or Links to Other File Locations Outside of MuseScore

• Apr 22, 2021 - 17:16

My apologies if this is already achievable or in the works and I missed it…

Over the years I have created cheat sheets from the Handbook or the Forums with instructions on how to do things in MuseScore that I forget because I don’t do them often enough. I also have image files I use in MuseScore on occasion.

When I need to go to those cheat sheets, I go to the folder where they reside via Explorer. That usually involves several clicks depending on where the folder is and how it is nested.

I always thought it would be great if there were a few “programmable” buttons that could be added to the toolbar if desired that could be linked to those folders so it would be a little easier to get to the cheat sheets or image files versus using Explorer.

I realize I could probably create a new score with nothing but a Text Box to handle the cheat sheets, accessed via “Open Recent,” but a few optional bookmarks would be a lot better if it is possible.

At minimum, the ability to open text, doc or PDF files from MuseScore would be a time saver and a help.

Thanks for any consideration given to this idea.


A lesser known feature is that you can click on pretty much any element and press F1 to have your browser open the online handbook for that subject.

I don't think it is MuseScores job to include custom file browser favorites (let alone cross-platform ones).
Given that you're talking about "Explorer" you're likely on windows, where you can add a folder to your "favorites" to have single click access to it from the left sidebar of the explorer window.

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Quickly accessing the Handbook is fine via IF the Handbook has the solution to a problem. Many times it doesn't and a workaround is found on the Forums or using the Handbook takes longer than an Internet search of Forum responses to questions. That is why I have cheat sheets.

Favorites in Explorer helps but getting there from MuseScore still would be better...

Thanks anyway.

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