Autostretch for chord symbols?

• Apr 25, 2021 - 17:10

Newbie: I experienced this in a narrow measure, the measure didn't autostretch when I added the Bsus4 chord symbol, and the next symbol ended up on top of the other. I learned how to stretch the measure, but is that the way to solve the problem? Am I doing something wrong when it doesn't autostretch?
I found this post, but it's still inconclusive to me, and that related to an older version:
Stacked chord symbols.PNG


The autoplace algorithm works only one measure at a time, so unfortunately there is no way to handle situations where a chord symbol bleeds over the barline like that.

Realistically, I'd say any measure with chord symbols should be made to be wider anyhow in general, otherwise reading the chord symbols and interpreting them rhythmically is unnecessarily difficult. Instead of stretching measures individually, often best to just add system breaks appropriately.

If you attach your actual score rather than just a picture, we can advise further.

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Thanks. I added system breaks for four measures per line, but although there was space enough this particular measure didn't stretch enough. I will do it manually instead, on all other places where this happened it worked out fine after adding system breaks.

I'm afraid I can't attach the score without copyright infringement, I'm learning Musescore by putting the guitar solo in a popular song into notes along with the vocals (and also as a way of keeping it when my memory has dropped it of course). 5 points for guessing the right song.

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Again, hard to say from just a picture, but most likely would get better results simply moving the chord symbols horizontally than by artificially widening the measure - that's how we would have done it back when I was working as an editor for a major fakebook series. Would be better to see the score, though. There would be no problem with posting an example to a support forum. No one has ever been sued for that, and even if someone complained (which again has never once occurred), all that would happen is the site administrators would delete the score. You can also simply delete all but the affected measures, so there woudln't even be a violation.

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I did follow your advise and moved the chord symbols, worked much better. I've finalized my first attempt with Musescore now as attached. My main interest is in guitar tabs and I am in awe of what you can do with Musescore. Great how you can modify bends to make them play properly in different lengths. What's not so great in playback are glissandos. And I'd really like automatic hammer on and pull off symbols. I created my own symbols (super!) but obviously I have to modify placement as soon as I modify the score.

Also I have a playback question on tone after bends, specifically in bar 62 and 93. But I'll post a separate question for that. Thanks for you help.

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