Representing notes across a grand staff

• Apr 26, 2021 - 01:35

I'm trying to notate some arpeggios for a harp.

The score should look like this:


I've tried entering the notes across both halves of the harp staff or on just the treble half. Neither approach seems to work correctly:


How do I write this? I found an old discussion of this need that was surprisingly dismissive: Inputting Grand Staff information at same time. But the harp is not conceptually doing one thing on the bass staff and a separate thing on the treble staff. It's doing one thing across a range so wide that it is given a grand staff.

Write all notes in the treble staff (your second example) and then press Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) and ↓ after selecting all the notes you want moved to the lower staff (you can Ctrl+click to select multiple notes simultaneously so that you only need to do this once). Once you've done this, just make the rest on the other staff invisible by selecting it and pressing V.

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