Guitar Bends (again)

• May 1, 2021 - 12:46

I know guitar bends are often talked about, and the current implementation does actually work (and is a vast improvement from early Musescore) - however, it's still poor notation. Currently for a guitar bend in Musescore, the standard notation does not show the 'actual' notes heard, rather it uses a 'full' or '1/2' indicator next to the fretted note. This doesn't make sense to me, although it is quite common. If is very difficult to notate the 'rhythm' of a bend and release for example. The playback works well, and can be customised nicely, but both the standard and the tab notation do not clearly show rhythmic or pitch information.

I'm looking for a way to notate guitar bends accurately, so that the standard notation actually shows the rhythms and notes heard, using grace notes, slurs etc, while the tab shows the fretted note, and the target note etc. The notation I'm most familiar with is in the screenshot, using 'BU' for bend up, 'BD' for bend down, ('PB' for pre-bend, 'RP' for re-pick, etc ) - this is the notation used by Rockschool for their entire syllabus, so it is certainly widely used - especially in the UK.

Screenshot 2021-05-01 123642.jpg

I can 'fake' this on Musecore with staff text for the BU and legato notes, but the playback is then not correct. I can fake the playback with 'hidden' glissandos, but that's two workarounds to achieve a simple (and very common) guitar notation, and actually the glissandos can't be adjusted enough to achieve the proper bend sound or rhythm.

Is there any possibillity of implementing this notation in Musescore, or an easier workaround to get bends notated more accurately?

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Currently the default musescore notation for the screenshot above is:
musescore default bends.png
which looks bad, (but sounds almost ok) - using the 'out-of-the-box' guitar bend feature.

I can fake Musescore to do the following:
musescore faked bends.png
but I had to manually add grace notes, slurs between the grace notes and bent notes, brackets around the bent noteheads, the BU/BD text, slurs between the bent and released notes - so it took 5 times longer, and it still looks bad, and plays back poorly, so is completely impractical for a long piece.

Any suggestions?

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