Design proposal for lines improvment

• May 4, 2021 - 11:46

I would like to know if some Muse Score devs were interested to implement this before one or two years as it is planned ?

Looking forward to reading you !

I apologize for the bad drawings by the way but you got the idea.



  1. Create SVG custom line or contemporary graphic with Inkscape.
  2. Import in MuseScore palette (with full SVG support)
  3. Insert in the Score (Linked to one staff)
  4. Create anchor points (snap to musical gird)
  5. Stretch the Line, extend the SVG Line...
  6. Parts should reflect these modifications.

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Bad drawing (this is why I deleted it).
I understand that we've just to wait 4.x will release before enjoying lines improvements. It seems all devs are focused on 4.0.
Anyway, if someone if interested to make my "stretchable SVG snapped to musical gird" alive I'd very much like sending my modest drawings to him / her.

C. B.

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