Capo settings (nothing selected)

• May 10, 2021 - 09:50

Hello I am new to this program and I decided to make a guitar tab. But I have a problem and I need help. I have a problem with capo settings. When I choose which fret capo will be on, then I click on the "OK" sign, and it says "nothing selected". If anyone had this problem, please help me. thank you.


Because there's no element selected in your score after adjusting the capo setting. But don't be confused, the capo setting you've adjusted is still activ.

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  1. I'm choosing the first string and press "0" on my keyboard.
  2. press CTRL + T
  3. after that I'm pressing F8 to see inspector "settings".
  4. Then properties, Capo settings, I am allowing capo settings, choose capo fret on the 3 fret and press OK sign, and it says nothing selected.

I probably did something wrong, and can you give me some RIGHT instructions Like I did now? ⬆️⬆️⬆️

Sorry for my English, If said something Non-grammatically.

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You did nothing wrong. Your confusion is, that there are two dialogue windows. The one is the inspector. When an element is selected in your score (=blue highlighted), you'll see the available option inside the inspector for this element. When no element is selected, there will be none option inside the inspector.
The capo setting is available in the staff text properties dialogue, selectable via inspector or right click on the staff text. There you can adjust the capo setting. But it's another window as the inspector.
The confusion is, that once you've made your capo setting, the staff text is deselected, so that there's no option available inside the inspector.
But if you select the staff text again and open the capo settings, you'll see the adjustments are still there and should work as expected.
So, you missed nothing. But maybe the automatic deselection really leads to confusion.

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Don't give up. Read the handbook for activating capo playback: And don't be confused, that there no option available after you made the change inside the inspector, the reason is, that the staff text isn't selected anymore (not highlighted), the setting should still be active.
But maybe this isn't really your problem, so as mentioned, please attache your score and describe what you want to achieve.

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