Export Chords in Separate Channel?

• May 10, 2021 - 19:45

Hey there,
When exporting a piano score into midi, then importing it into my DAW, all the chords are sent to whatever staff the chord is assigned to. In other words, it's mixed with the melody. There should be an option to export chords into a different channel (so in this case my midi file would have 3 channels, piano RH, piano LH and chords).
That's it, thanks.


In reply to by Luigi Bonocchi

It looks like you did some customization of the MIDI channels in the Mixer, or maybe osm other amount of importing or rearranging of tracks, to get that MSCZ file? The channel assignments are assigned in an unusual fashion. But what seems to be the case is, for the guitar, on the MID export, the chords are assigned a different channel - 16 vs 3. The piano is not, perhaps because its harmony channel is on port 2 in the original MSCZ file? Not sure, probably relates to having exceeded the 16 standard MIDI channels here. Under normal circumstances, though, the MIDI does go to another channel.

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