Select specific parts of a measure faster

• May 12, 2021 - 15:59

This is a bit of an odd request
In the sheet music that I do, I generally have to select multiple notes at a time one by one and use the inspector feature to tone their velocity down by -20 or so (it varies). Instead of having to manually click 50 notes that are all the same voice, what if you could select an entire voice at some part in your music and then use inspector to change the notes there? You can't do that now - it selects the entire measure, and if you wanted to change the entire measure of notes anyways, you couldn't. Inspector treats it as something different, not notes of which you change the volume.


To select all notes from a single voice within a range, first select the range, then right-click one note, Select / More. In selection & Same voice. or use the Select Filter to exclude the other voices, then press the Notes button in the Inspector to limit the selection to just the notes within the range.

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