Missing enharmonics

• May 13, 2021 - 04:22

Four note names are missing in the 'j' enharmonics list: Bx, Ex, Cbb and Fbb. They cannot be reached from the shortcut 'j', from C#, F#, Bb and Eb.



True enough. Also missing, I suppose, are triple flats and triple sharps. In my opinion, none of these would come up often enough in real world situations to warrant altering the algorithm and thus slowing dow the process for the more common cases. But in case it isn't obvious, you can enter those acicdentals directly via the toolbar.

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This is so. It however, as far as I could determine, is only these 4 double flats and double sharps that don't work. This was discovered as I am entering Mikrokosmos. I am Volume III at this time.
In my earlier life, I had the 'pleasure' of playing Soviet tuba etudes in such fun keys as A# major and Bbb minor. My teacher could play them. I fumbled over the key signatures.

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