Adding Tab notations

• May 13, 2021 - 06:45

I want to add tab notation (you know, finger/fret annotations) without having to go through the whole (select note, select time, etc etc). I just want to drag and drop from the palette to the string. Is there a way to do that???


Here's the cheapest dirtiest way:

• Open a new Guitar + Tab score
• If the shortest duration note in your score is an eight note click the 8th note button in the toolbar
• Press N to activate Note Input mode

• Then on the tablature staff (in any measure) you can click on an invisible grid of 8th notes.
Doing so enters a 0 on that string

• to set an alternative fret number press a number on the keyboard (entering numbers via the numeric keypad doesn't work because, by default, the keypad numbers are set to select the note values)

This approach may leave lots of rests in your score ... but it's easy later to select the notes and lengthen them.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't image how drag & drop could possibly be anything but 10 times slower than the simply typing your tabs in like you can do currently,. For each note, you'd have to constantly move your mouse back and forth between the palette and score, and constantly have to adjust the position of each because you haven't told MuseScore the durations of the notes so they can;t be spaced automatically, etc.

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