I'm Editing Using Final NotePad 2012 - Free Download Version

• May 13, 2021 - 21:35

As much as I like MusicScore, I find editing a chore. I'm constantly changing whole rest in to eighth rest, then changing rest into notes and notes into rest trying to change phrasing. If I'm developing new phrasing, copy and paste just doesn't work well for me.
So I found a program, not as good as MusicScore, but much much easier for editing.
Why I use MusicScore and not Final NotePad:
* Good playback
* Good page formatting and presentation.
* Cord Symbol Input ... not available in free version of Final NotePad
* I'm accustomed to their methods.

How do I use Final NotePad.
* Export the MusicScore file with all the options in MusicFile.XML format
* Import to Final NotePad
* Edit then import back to MusicScore.
* Allow MusicScore to convert to their format.

I'll not detail the editing process, but will mention that you can insert rest anywhere you like, change note timing without the program automatically changing other note and/or rest values. That alone saves me headaches.
Hope this helps if anyone is experiencing editing wooo's
I will also say, I sure hope MusicScore changes their mind on editing using copy - cut and paste.
In my opinion, it would cement their position as the best free software available ... might even surpass others on the pay to play scene.


You don't say exactly what problems you have experienced with editing, but I can guess it's due to some pretty common misconceptions about how the program works, and we are more than happy to clear them up and show you how amazingly efficient editing actually can be once you understand the process! Feel free to attach a score and describe what you want to do in more detail, and we'll show you how simple it is.

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