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• May 17, 2021 - 03:42

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a simple practice sheet for guitar for each mode (steps, diatonic chords, etc.), and I'd like to include guitar tablature on the sheet for the scales in a couple of root positions. I've searched around the forums quite a bit, and I can't seem to figure out how to add tablature that's completely unconnected from the score above. I can add instruments (including guitar tabs), but it always shows as linked to the treble staff above. If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Thanks for the help! I've tried just about everything in the "instruments" window (opened by pushing "I") , including messing around with "add staff" and "add linked staff," but I can't seem to get the TAB staff to show up disconnected from the Piano staff (see attached screenshot). Ideally, I'd like the TAB staff to appear completely independently of the Piano staff, and without labels, or anything connecting it to other bars on the sheet. Is it just not possible?

Thanks again...really appreciate the thought.


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In what sense doe you mean that these are connected? The fact that the initial barline at the left of the page is dran through both? That's the universal indication that the two staves are meant to be played at the same time , or that they at least related to each in that same way (the notes on the bottom staff somehow correspond with those in the top). If you actually don't mean them to relate to each other in that way, then you don't want just one measure with two staves - you want two totally separate measures. So for instance, add the piano notes to the first measure, the guitar notes to the second, and have one measure per system, and use hide empty staves so that only the measures with notes actually display.

Or, if you do intend the bottom staff to relate to the top, you really shouldn't be trying to get rid of the initial system barline. But you can hide system barlines either in staff/part properties or globally in Format / Style / Barlines, if you do have some special reason to want to.

Or maybe I'm not understanding. If you attach a picture of the desired result and explain how you'd expect it to actually be interpreted, we can assist better.

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I'd like to have them exist as completely separate entities, as this isn't meant to be a piece of music per se, but rather a "cheat sheet." Shoichi's two files were helpful, and I'd like to recreate what he was able to do in the file he uploaded titled "ElliotTestBis,", but I'm still not able to figure out how to make it happen. I've entered a system break after the last measure of the first section (the treble staff part), and I've tried hitting "i" to add "acoustic guitar (tablature)" and then removing the Piano staff, but it converts the entire thing to Tab staff, including the stuff above the section break. I'm sure I'm just missing a simple step, but I can't seem to figure it out. What I have so far is attached for reference.

For others that might come across this, I found this video to be helpful when learning how to work with Tabs in MuseScore:

Thank you Marc and Scoichi for your continued help! Beginner here, and it's really cool that there are folks willing to help newbies learn the program.

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It's still not totally clear what you mean by "completely separate entities". Are you saying the two measures literally have absolutely nothing to do with each other - that measure widths should be totally independent, the contents of the bottom measure have literally no relationship whatsoever to the top - like the top measure might be showing a G major triad played as a whole note, the bottom measure mighty be showing an except from Rachmnaninoff's second piano concerto? Or is the bottom measure meant to somehow correlate with the top? Here, a picture of the actual result you want to obtain would be most enlightening.

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In that case, what Schoichi shows is not what you want. That method results in the two staves always staying perfectly synchronized, every time you add notes to the top measure the unrelated bottom measure will get wider for no reason, etc. What you really want is a single staff that changes from standard to tab, I guess. if you don't need it to change mid-way through a single system, probably the easiest way is to add the tablature as a second staff (again, after first creating a new score for guitar rather than using the empty sample score). You can then enter notes on the standard staff for the systems where you want that (leaving the tab staff empty), and notes on the tab staff for the systems where you want that (leaving the standard staff empty). Then when you're done entering notes, go to Format / Style and turn on "Hide empty staves". The result will be alternative systems of standard and tab staves with no relationship to each other whatsoever because they are indeed separate systems.

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If you just mean, you want two staves that do relate to each other - the measure on the bottom staff in someway explains the contents of the measure directly above it, so they should have the horizontal position on the page, same width etc - then simply add a second staff as Schoichi pictures show. Edit / Instruments, select the existing staff, then Add Staff. Except, you probably don't want to start with a piano staff, you presumably want to start with a guitar staff. So when creating your new score with File / New, start by selecting Guitar as your instrument - don't start with the sampe score.

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