Stuck at Splash screen with "Initialising sequencer and audio driver..."

• May 18, 2021 - 08:49

I'm on Windows 10 using Musescore 3.6.2, and I'm stuck initialising audio

From my searches I see others have had the problem, and generally fixed with factory reset.

Doesn't work for me - factory reset from command line using -F and -R

using -S Musescore starts, but without the synth, so it is some conflict in the audio system I suppose.

I've tried an older version, a nightly version - all with the same result.
Uninstalled asio4all and loopmidi
Run a registry cleaner (not that I understand what it does very well!)
Nothing else in Startup programs should be running audio

Any other ideas before I reset Windows?



Hold the phone I had an idea.

I uninstalled the 64 bit version and downloaded the 32 bit version - which is working as expected.

Would still like to resolve the issue above, but I want to finish writing the masterpiece I was working on :-)

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Good idea thanks Jojo but I think it unlikely. I've been using Musescore on this computer for >2 years without problems using the 64 bit version. Windows did update the other day, but won't let me revert.

Checking my audio driver now ... hasn't updated for a couple of years and there are no new updates.

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