Handling of accidentals and dots with 'chromatic seconds', [augmented unison eg G and G#]

• May 21, 2021 - 01:55

I'm currently editing some of Bartok's Mikrokosmos. The engraving style varies from some other house styles in dealing with chromatic seconds in two voices. For example, with a half-note G#, and an eighth not G, voice two [stem down] will sometimes precede and sometimes follow the upset voice.
With accidentals, [eg Piece 108] are always before the notehead. MuseScore will put the two accidentals, and then the two note heads. Well, often.
When there are dotted notes in both voices, it can become more complicated.
The attached file, "Test of how chromatic unisons . . ." shows some of this behavior. Staff 1 is voice 1; staff 2 is voice 2, staff 3 is the two voices on one staff.
When doing the entries, I cannot predict which version of accidentals, notehead sequence [order], and shared noteheads I will find. Dots are sometimes doubled vertically " : ", and with unisons, given as on dot ".", even though the entries are a dotted quarter in one voice, and a dotted eighth in the other.
I am aware that this is a hybrid 'house style' from Boosey and EMB.
I am also looking for the 'grape vine' note stem for chromatic clusters.

Thanks all


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