default spaceing for Right-Parenthesis around notehead need to be increased a bit so doesn't overlap

• May 24, 2021 - 21:34

Take a look at how noteheads look around parenthesis:

parentheses around notehead.png

The first two are how they appear with default spacing. When the stem is down, it is ok. However, when the stem points upwards (see 2nd note), the right parenthesis overlaps with the stem, which is not good. I find myself manually adjusting the x-offset of the right parenthesis (see 3rd note) to have an additional +0.15 x-offset so that the parenthesis no longer overlaps the stem.

(FYI, parenthesis around noteheads is very common as a way to indicated ghosted notes.)

The problem is even more pronounced when using the jazz style (e.g. from "jazz leadsheet"), cause the parenthesis are thicker:

parentheses around notehead jazz.png

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notehead-parenthesis.mscz 7.66 KB


(and maybe should make the x-offset +.16 so can clear the stem a bit so ink doesn't spill over. And the left parenthesis could maybe use an additional -.005 x-offset clearance too.

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