Export MP3 "playback" versions

• May 30, 2021 - 18:52

In MuseScore pVersion 3.6 (or earlier) it is possible to export the full score and all parts seperately.
I use that a lot to export the parts to .mp3 as practice version.

I would love to have a simialar function to create practice playback versions that play all voices/instruments EXCEPT the one in the part?

Currently I do that by opening the "instruments" list -> remove one instrument -> export full score to .mp3 -> undo the removal -> remove next instrument -> repeat ...

Then my List of mp3-files looks like that:
MySong-Soprano Sax.mp3
MySong-Alto Sax.mp3
MySong-Tenor Sax.mp3
MySong-Baritone Sax.mp3
MySong-Playalong Soprano Sax.mp3
MySong-Playalong Alto Sax.mp3
MySong-Playalong Tenor Sax.mp3
MySong-Playalong Baritone Sax.mp3


It's possible to create individual parts with the desired instruments and exporting these parts as mp3. Sounds to me much easier as you describe.

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Oh yes, thanks. Should have thought of that.
It still has the small disadvantages that the file size doubles ... from merely a few kBytes to twice merely a few kBytes ;-)) and it leaves me with a lot of tabs for the parts, so here's an alternative wish:
Add a property "show/hide tab" to the parts. ;-p
Once more: thanks for the tipp!

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