Beam 'over' last barline of system onto next system

• Jun 1, 2021 - 02:39

I need to beam eighth notes together over the final barline of a system and the first note[s] of the next system. I do not see this in the documentation.

One way is to extend the beam to the right at the end of the system and to extend the beam to the left at the beginning of the next system, but I cannot find where to extend a beam beyond the stem.


To connect a beam across a barline, select the first note of the second measure and then the "beam middle" icon on the Beam Properties palette. but it won't work well across a system break, only within a system. That's a known limitation.

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Thanks. I understand how to do it within a staff system. Beaming across system breaks is not a very unusual situation post 1840. I have proposed a simple solution which is to be able to extend the beams. In some notation systems there is also the option for a 'half-beam' at the 16th / 32nd duration level, especially useful when beaming over rests.
PS I have found an ugly solution for doing a 'bunch of grapes' cluster of five semitones.

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