When I hit yes to instal soundfront, I dont get the message saying it was successfully installed

• Jun 1, 2021 - 05:56

I tried using this soundfront from this post which I quote below:
"New update (18/03/2021): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I0Vq21jdM1coorSS0VycKmuQMcUjI1Gq/view?…

A new cc2 variant for most wind instruments using 1 layer and low-pass filter with cutoff frequency linked to cc2, instead of 2 faked velocity layers. The new variants are named cc2f.
- Much better quality for wind instruments, especially some brighter ones, like clarinet, English horn and all the brasses, especially the French horns. I didn't do for strings and other instruments because it generally doesn't work well with them. For some instruments, the results are not so good because the samples were recorded too much piano – so there is no much to do.
- Better dynamic linearity.

The drawback is that it might be a bit more processor consuming. So, I kept both versions there."

But when I do hit yes on install sound front, I don't get the second textbox telling me it finished and that I can go to synthesizer and use it. IS there something I can do to use the sound front and make it appear under Add in the synthesizer? Thank you

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