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• Jun 2, 2021 - 17:19

Hi all

I write for medium sized salsa group and usually copy the 'coro' backing vocals into each instrument's part.
On the latest chart I need to do this for the conga and timbal players, but I find that when I copy the coro into the 'drumset' stave, it just makes a bit of a mess.

One thing I thought might solve the problem would be to create a hybrid chart for the percussionists which has two staves - coro and percussion - one above the other. Is it possible to do that in MuseScore? If so, could you point me to the instructions please.

Or is there an easier fix?

Thank you!


Excuse, but I'm not really familiar with the terminus "hybrid chart", maybe some one other. Maybe you could explain it a little bit more or attache a corresponding picture to illustrate, what's your aim and how it should work?
Also I'm not sure, what contains the salsa group in concrete: vocals/instruments with treble/bass clef/percussions (with percussion clef)?
It isn't possible to copy and paste notes from an instrument with a treble/bass clef into a percussion instrument.
What's possible and I've in mind regarding this, is to add percussion instruments via shortcut "i" to enter the notes themselves individually, or using first the rythm note input mode to enter the rythm of the other instruments and then enter the pitches.
But maybe I'm wrong with my suggestions.

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Thanks Kuwitt.

Perhaps 'hybrid' wasn't a good word to use. What I mean is that I would like to present two staves, the 'coro' vocal staff and the percussion staff, one above the other (eg like a piano score, where the treble staff appears above the bass staff, and all the bars line up). So perhaps the question should be: can I create a chart that looks like a piano score, but with a treble clef staff for coro and percussion staff underneath? Handwritten example enclosed.

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Still not working...Please see enclosed files. I want to render this reduced score as a single chart, but when I export the mscz score to pdf, it comes out not very user friendly. Eg the exported score presents every bar's rest singly, rather than amalgamating them, as do the individual coro and drumset charts. What I'm trying to create is a single chart for the percussion players, so they can both read percussion and coro (singing) parts simultaneously and simply. Is this possible?

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In addition to this some more ideas:

From your initial post: if I'm not wrong it isn't possible to copy and paste notes (or the rhythm) from an treble/bass clef instrument into a percussion clef instrument.

As mentioned, it's possible to add both staves as two seperate instruments (coro and percussions) by creating a new score. Or by adding them via edit->instruments... or shortcut "i" (and as mentioned it's possible to delete a linked staff from an existing instrument, for example the bass clef staff from the piano).

Afterwards you can add brackets from the corresponding to this instrument or adjusting the span of the barlines (and in the same way to change the brackets distance and span of barlines to other instruments in your score), so that it look like a single instrument.

But they remains two individual instruments, you only can change the appearance/layout of it.

(IIRC somewhere I also read about a workaround, that the instrument names appear in the same way as in your example).

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Hi Kuwitt,

Whenever I try to copy and past coro into drumset staff the notes just get mangled. Not sure that's a solution.

I managed to isolate the coro and drum staves by removing all other parts from the score and then linked those two with a curly bracket (as you see in piano parts), but it did not produce a new, piano-style chart.

Would it work by deleting the piano bass staff and replacing with drums staff, as you suggest? I can't see in the online manual how to delete one piano staff. Could you point me to the instructions please?

Thank you for your patience!

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You're welcome. I'm always interested in to expand my knowledge about music notation. I only got in in touch with percussions with a workshop at a weekend for Djembe rhytms. Now I'm a professional for basic 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures ;-). Anything above is learning by doing for me.

In additon to my comment above for report: In the instrument dialogue you'll see buttons to remove or adding staves from or to an existing instrument. But it isn't possible to mix a percussion instrument with a melody instrument with these options.

And I don't think, that there's a way to copy and paste the notes from a melody instrument into a percussion instrument (vice versa) with a proper result.

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Hi Kuwitt,

I'm still having trouble with this I'm afraid.
I follow the instructions here https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/parts#setup-parts to the letter
I can create a new part ('Coro w drums') but find I cannot then add instruments to it.
The 'instruments in score' pane remains greyed out and inactive. I can't highlight an instrument or press '+'.
What am I missing please?

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@David Strahan...

I am responding to your Jun 3 post containing your mscz and pdf attachments.
You wrote:
...the exported score presents every bar's rest singly, rather than amalgamating them, as do the individual coro and drumset charts.

If you open your "Indestructible16, C MINOR (02.06.21) PERC CORO CHART.mscz" file and press M you can toggle multimeasure rests on/off.
Notice that in the combined Backings + Drumset system multimeasure rests only appear where both instruments have concurrent full measure rests. The single instrument part may display multimeasure rests which are grouped differently. You can see that the 'Coro' (flute) individual part has a multimeasure rest at the very beginning which only breaks because of the rehearsal marks while the drumset part has a different grouping.

I don't know if you are printing on paper, but be aware of your page (landscape or portrait) and scale settings in Format->Page Settings... especially the small staff space used in the Backings + Drumset staves.


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