Barlines Not Working Properly & 1 Other Question

• Jun 9, 2021 - 04:24

1st Question:
Hi and I have a little problem. I was just making 32nd notes on a 4/4 Time and this happened
(Overlapping.png). The barlines start to move out of nowhere. If you see at the original score the notes
are not small. How do I fix this?

2nd Question
If you see in the other file (I meant Original Score (2).png), you can see that there are 2 measures. If you
see the file (In Musescore (3).png), I only fit 1 measures. How could I fit 2?

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Original Score (1).png 220.88 KB
Original Score (2).png 303.64 KB
In Musescore (3).png 302.77 KB


Are you sure your page and staff sizes are the same as the original? I see you're "wasting" some space with the staff names that aren't in the original and don't seem necessary, so you can help your cause here by deleting them. It's also possible you might need to reduce the "Minimum note distance" in Format / Style / Measure to allow more to fit.

If you attach your actual score instead of just pictures, we can understand and assist better.

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Indeed, as we suggested, try deleting the staff names (both the "long" name that appears on the first system and the "short" that appears on the others) and also the system break you have inserted for some reason not the first measure. Do that and all seems well as far as I can tell.

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