Unintentional syncopation in score.

• Jun 11, 2021 - 02:28

How do I regularise i.e. set a minimum note value, to prevent unintentional syncopation in the score produced after importing a midi file from my Yamaha Portable Grand. Composed piece played a bit loosely.


Best advice is to not olay so loosely - MuseScore is going to interpret your rhythm pretty literally. You can try quantizing and further editing to get the timings you want in a sequencer or DAW. The closer your MIDI file is to the actual rhythm you want notated, the better the chance of it actually notating that way. Then you can also use the various controls in the MIDI import panel within MuseScore to further fine tune things, and also edit further from there. But it's going to be much much harder if the MIDI file itself isn't already very close to correct.

When I open a MIDI file, I get a menu down at the bottom with all kinds of helpful settings, such as 'max quantization', which I think would let you set the minimum note value. You can also limit what kinds of tuplets MuseScore will use.

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