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• Jun 11, 2021 - 08:12

Hi all,

I am having a problem with measure 23 of the attached score. It stretches all over the page, which isn't necessary (for the measure, at least). However, I can't find any hidden elements why this happens, and I would like to create some room for some stretched measures later in the score. Can you tell me what is happening?
Cheers, Martijn

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Rachmaninoff - Prelude op 32 no 10.mscz 62.4 KB


What is happening is that with your current spacing and style settings MuseScore can't fit both m23 and m24 on one system.

One possible way to "solve" this is to slightly squeeze those measures:
1. Select them both
2. Format > Stretch > Reduce stretch

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Yes, that did the trick, thank you!! It looks way better now.
I agree that a break at 19 would look good. However, 20 is a dramatic emphasis of 19, which is better played in the flow of 19 (instead of turning a page, for those who print the score).

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