Different time signatures for parts playing together in the same piece

• Jun 12, 2021 - 07:52

Is it possible in MuseScore to have different time signatures for parts playing together in the same piece? I'm sure there are works which do this. For example piece in 4/4 could have one part written out in 12/8 which would perhaps solve some issues with writing triplets, and also allow dotted rhythms in the 12/8 part. Actually the dotted rhythms in triplets in 4/4 are not too difficult, but maybe 12/8 would be easier.

Could arbitrary time signatures be used in different parts, and linked together - for eample 4/4 against 5/4?

Also - even if it is possible to do this for engraving in MuseScore, would the player be able to render such a score?


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The suggested approach only seems to work with empty scores - I couldn't get a new time signature for an existing score, either with a bar with notes in, or a completely empty bar. Maybe that's intentional. Maybe it works in Windows systems, but on Macs it only seems to work with empty scores. I'll wait to see if anyone else has tried this with pieces which are already part written.

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I was hoping this might be a useful feature as I figured that one of my newer efforts could benefit from that. However the limitations mentioned seem to suggest that I’ll have to write it in a more “normal” way - in 4/4 or 3/4, and then convert the part to be read in (say) 12/8 or 16/8, so probably more work rather than less, and more mental gymnastics.

The copy/paste limitation is significant.

That’s a pity.

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