Copy Lyrics to Piano Part Correctly?

• Jun 12, 2021 - 20:29

I tried selecting just the lyrics, and then pasting it onto the piano part but the timing ended up being incorrect. The original file is File1, and the messed up file is File2.

How would I get the lyrics onto the piano part correctly?

I did see this link: but the issue is the rhythms aren't the same.

Thank you for your help!


So the temporary workaround is to create a single staff, paste the lyrics with the attached notes, and then include that in the piano part. What I want to avoid is giving the piano player all those other notes that they "see". I tried selecting just the notes (Selection Filter with voices 1,2,3,4 checked only) and deleting them after the paste, but it's taking out the lyrics as well.

Is there a way to delete the notes and leave the lyrics with the correct timing on that staff?

My preference still would be to get the lyrics into the piano part without the lyrics getting stretched across multiple measures.

File3 attached.

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The rhythms are completely different indeed, as are the notes, so it really doesn't make musical sense to try to add lyrics there. In other words, there is no "correct" here except to not do that :-). Is there a reason you are attempting to do this? Unless you're asking the pianist to recite the lyrics, they don't accomplish anything. If he wants to see the lyrics for reference, he can simply refer to the vocal part. That's the standard way music is published; seeing it otherwise would just be confusing.

But if you do want the pianist to recite the lyrics, or have other special reason to want this, my best advice would be to add the notes in an unused voice, make them invisible, and attach the lyrics that way.

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So the pianist needs the lyrics to keep up with the music. She'll lose her place if she can't re-orient herself by following with the lyrics. Extra staves are confusing for her.

In order to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible, I'm taking the sheet music we have, scanning it into the computer, generating an XML file via capella-scan, importing that XML into Musescore, unrolling the music so it's play-straight-through, touching it up/fixing it up, and if possible removing any extra staves so as not to confuse her.

She has a hard time dealing with repeats, codas, endings, etc.

She's not requesting that I do this, I have figured out this is what she needs in order to be able to play the music. She's a dear old soul so I'm doing what I can to make it as easy as I can on her. Until I learn how to play piano (which isn't going to happen any time soon unfortunately) this is what I'll have to do. :)

I appreciate the feedback and suggestions. FWIW she did fine with the piano staff with just the vocal part 3rd staff. Forgive my ignorance on the terms I use for sheet music!

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