reduce space between staves without resizing notes

• Jun 13, 2021 - 15:23

Can I reduce space between staves without making the notes smaller?


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Not a perfect solution, it does reduce somewhat the size of the notes.
I'm probably not defining exactly what I want so I add a picture to exemplify.

now the question is how to reduce the space between staves, marked clumsily over the pictures with blue arrows, without reducing the size of the notes etc (in fact without changing everything else).
This is what I should have asked.
Still waiting for a decent answer.
Thank you

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In order for us to assist, it is virtually always better to attach an actual score - pictures don't help us much. But my guess here is that you want to reduce the maximum system distances in Format / Style / Page, and probably in this particular case (but not in most cases) to also turn off vertical justification of staves.

BTW, the setting you mention could also work in some cases, and it does not affect size of notes. That may have been an optical illusion.

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Thank you Marc for your prompt answer.
The picture I added is an actual score. It is a short verse from one of Bach's chorales.
did you mean attach an mcsz file? but than I don't know how to add arrows to exemplify what I want.
If I understood correctly you suggested lowering max. system system distances instead of the factor.
so what does the factor do? it also had an effect. As for the size of notes I may be wrong and I take your word for it since I'm a newbie.
Thanks again

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If you have a short score like what appears in your picture, you may not want the staves justified vertically.
Try this...
Go to Format -> Page then click the radio button 'Disable vertical justification of staves'.
Then set 'Max. system distance' to a lower value - e.g., try 10.5 sp.

Also see:…
which explains about the "Factor".

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You attached a picture of an actual score - an PNG file. by actual score, I mean the actual MSCZ file. Then we can open it in MuseScore for ourselves and advise you on exactly what settings to use. No need to add arrows, just describe in words.

The various factors in that dialog are meant only for scores that have multiples staves per system. Your has only one. The factors control how the extract space on a page is distributed - how much goes between systems versus within systems. For scores of only a single staff per system, you really don't need to have vertical justification enabled - it's only purpose is to spread staves within systems. But due to what I'd consider a bug, it does currently have an effect to change those settings even though it shouldn't. Relying on those settings when it isn't appropriate is likely to break in the future when that bug is fixed.

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