Can not drag key signature to score.

• Jun 14, 2021 - 07:51

I just got this tonight and it will not let me enter a new key signature to the score, when I try to drag a key signature from the palette to the score, the key signature is highlighted but when I move it to the score I get a 🚫over the the highlighted key signature and it does not go onto the staff. What am I doing wrong?


As explained elsewhere, it's normal you see the 🚫 while dragging, until you reach the actual place where you can drop. When you get directly on top of the measure in question, it highlights, and the cursor changes to show the drop is now allowed. That's standard drag & drop behavior.

But do note, drag & drop is not needed to use the palette. The more efficient way is usually to select the measure (so blue box shows around it) then simply click the key signature in the palette. You seem to be saying you tried something like that, but do be sure you truly have selected a measure and see the blue box before clicking the palette icon. It definitely works.

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