Ability to set the instrument you use most at the top as favourites

• Jun 15, 2021 - 14:13

I arrange for recorders so find myself having to find early and find the recorders each time. I want them to be easier to find.


That's a good idea, but meanwhile, why not simply create a template set up as you like? Just set up one score (or a handful, like one for a solo recorder, another for a trio, etc) and save them to your Templates folder. Then you won't need to choose instruments at all, just select that template instead when creating new scores.

Also, in the cases where you do need to choose instruments, no need to mess with the drop down to find recorders - just type the first few letters into the search box.

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Bar properties? No, I mean, in the dialog where you actually select the instruments when you first create the score. Or, if you've already created a score for the wrong instrument, in the Change Instrument dialog that appears in Staff/Part Properties. It's the same basic dialog either way, but laid out a bit differently. Search box is at top for one, bottom for the other.

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