Disable printing and saving etc

• Jun 15, 2021 - 14:18

I want to send someone a Musescore file so they can practice along with it. However, if it is copyright I want to prevent them saving it as something else, printing the music, or any other function that breaches the copyright.
So is there a way to disable these functions, so all they can do is play along.


Unless you have a license agreement from the copyright holder permitting the playalong use but forbidding the other uses, I don't think even sending the file for playalong would be any more permissible than anything else.

But if you do have such a license agreement - or if it's your own completely original composition and that is how you choose to structure your own license agreement with the person you are sending the music to, then instead of sending them the file, upload it to musescore.com as "unlisted" but with download disabled, and send them the "secret" link. Then they can access it via the website all they want but wont have access to the score file itself.

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