Click to half screen

• Jun 15, 2021 - 16:11

Most other programs if you drag the top bar of the screen as far as possible to the right or left it will click into position taking half the screen. However, Musescore is the only program I know which does not do this.
If you want to copy from one piece of music to another this makes things difficult. It takes time to rearrange the musescore. Does anyone please know an easy way to get musescore to take up half the screen.
I have been given for example a fab march in about 25 parts and unfortunately the PDF to musescore does not like it. So manually typesetting it is the only way.
And then I want the palettes to go to the bottom of the screen, I can have the master palette at the bottom but not the simple version.


This is not a function of the program, but of your window manager.
MuseScore perfectly does that here on my Win10 machine, both via dragging as when using the default shortcut WinKey+arrows. So check your window manager/operating system for how this is supposed to work.

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