inserting rests between existing notes

• Jun 19, 2021 - 01:43

I want to insert an 1/8th rest where the red line is. For my life, I cannot figure out how to do this.
Help, please!

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Looks to me like 4/4 time signature with an invisible eighth rest dragged under the beam at the last note.

Assuming that you wish to keep the quarter rest on beat 1, follow these steps:
!. While holding Shift, click on the first then on the last eighth note. (Blue box shows selection)
2. Press Ctrl+X to cut
3. Click on the quarter rest on beat 2 and press 4. (Splits into eighth rests)
4. Click on the second eighth rest and press Ctrl+V to paste everything after the first eighth rest.

Hard to tell what's going on from just a picture, but it seems there are errors in that measure, the invisible eighth and the spacing is way off. Best to attach the actual score, then we can advise better on how to fix it. Also if you can share anything you know about how the measure got into that state.

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