How to set defaults for placement of notation elements?

• Jun 19, 2021 - 17:15

Hi All—I've done some digging around (and will continue digging!) but haven't found an answer to this question yet (so apologies if it's been asked/answered many times before)...

I'm wondering if there is a way to set default placement (e.g. above or below the staff) for elements like legato lines, dynamic markings, accents, and sticking text (for percussion), defaults for stem direction, defaults for accents (under the note or over the stem), etc.?

I often find that by default, MuseScore places these elements in places contrary to most standard notation (in my case, standard percussion notation).

What I'd love to do is set up some sort of template or style where these elements (by default) always go where I want them to go—because it's enormously time consuming to go back after entering everything and flip stems, dragg text above or below the staff, flip slur lines, etc.



Defaults are set in Format / Style. Most elements allow you to set placement above/below the staff as well as the offset from the staff. You can also position elements manually then set that as the style using the Inspector. And save the result as a template (just a normal score in your Templates folder) to be selected when creating new scores, or as a style file (via Format / Save Style) to be loaded into existing scores.

Percussion does indeed work differently from other notation, and the defaults in MsueScore are optimized more for other instruments.

You can can also set up your own custom palette with customized versions of any of these marking, see the handbook on palette customization for more info. Basically, though, just Cltr+Shift+drag an element there.

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